Ioannina Shooting Club – The history of the Club:

Ioannina Shooting Club (SKOI) was founded in 1988 as a small group of friends that liked guns and shooting. In the past years the club managed to overcome all contrarieties. The club started with an air gun, and while the years passing, the local community supported very much the club. The club today has more than 650 members registered and 70 guns of several types.

All past directors of the club did a lot of work and they manage to have the club today recognised as one of the first shooting clubs in Greece and sure the biggest in beyond Athens clubs. Today the Shooting Club of Ioannina has members from all cities and town of North Western Greece and other areas. Amogst members of the Club, there are important persons of the local community as well as persons that are today in the highestaxioms of the Greek State..

Today the Shooting Club of Ioannina has teams in all shooting competitions. The club has remarkable tems in300 meters rifle, practical shooting and fixed target, in several large and small calibres.

The teams of Ioannina Shooting Club and most the one of 300 meters rifle had won several first places in matches of the Greek Championship. Beyond the competition in matches of the Panhellenic Championship, our club organized in the past several shooting matches, that were very successful.

Since 2006 the club has its own shooting range (21.000 m2) that is located in Municipality of Zitsa, Klimatia village, 19 Km from the city of Ioannina. There are 17 stages for practical shooting, and areas forfixed target and 300 meters rifle.

In Sepember 2005 took place the elections for the Board of the Directors of the club, for a 3 year period. The members of the new Board of the Directors of the club are the following:

  • Papadimas Lambros, President
  • Saloukas Spiros, Vice President
  • Pliakos Athanasios , Secretary General
  • Kondogiorgos Efthimios, Tresurer
  • Katsetas Evangelos, Assistant Secretary
  • Koutsoupas Hristos, Member
  • Pappas Dimitrios , Member
  • Tsianelis Ilias, Member

Ioannina Shooting Club maintains offices in the center of the city of Ioannina. The address is 17 28th Oktovriou st., 1st floor. For any information about Ioannina Shooting Club, please send us an e-mail, phone us, mail us a letter, or visit the office of the club.