Ioannina Shooting Club beyond the shooting activities that takes place (matches, etc.) or organizes, has a wide social presentation, mostly in volunteering.

Ioannina Shooting Club and Volunteering : The Urgent Needs Team of the Club:

Since 1995 our Club founded a volunteer team so to help the local society in cases of urgent needs. Ioannina Shooting Club founded this “Urgent Needs” team even before the General Secretariat for the Civil Protection organise the volunteers organizations. Our team was the first volunteers organization in Epirusthat covered all requirements of the General Secretariat for the Civil Protection. The result was to have our “Urgent Needs” team affiliated with the above General Secretariat, in 2001.

The aim of the team is to help the local community and the state in case of emergencies, such as earthquakes, floods, large forest fires, ecological disasters, epidemics, etc.

Today our “Urgent Needs” team has 30 members that all can be activated in minutes and 20 more membersas a backup of the first 30. In the team there are 4 medical doctors of critical skills, 4 trained rescuers, 3 civil engineers (they help in cases of earthquakes – entrance in ruined buildings, etc.), 4 electronics engineers that ensure the communications of the team, 3 climbers, 2 spileologists, 1 coock , 3 technicians ,4 nurses, etc.

Our team has allways activated fast and readily in all calls from the General Secreteriat for the Civil Protection and finished successfuly every assigned mission.

Our team conducts many practicies every year and has trained in common with the Fire Brigade, the National Cnter for Urgents, as well as the Samaritan Volunteers.

For more information about the “Urgent Needs Team” please contact Ioannina Shooting Club (